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Send/Receive Money From Any App

Customers of all participating banks can now transfer funds easily by scanning QR codes, keying in phone numbers, or just selecting from their contact list.

The most convenient member banks

​1. Choose from any banks within Bakong’s network to be your partner for cash-in and cash-out transations.
2. Easily deposit funds to any accounts within Bakong’s network of participating banks.

Request Money

Create your own personalized QR code for friends to send you money without sharing any personal information.  Simply scan and confirm!

Track your Transactions

View all payments within a convenient history listing.

Fast Transfer

Send Money Anytime, Anywhere In a Minute

Customers of all participating banks can now transfer funds easily by scanning QR codes, keying in phone numbers, or just selecting from their contact list.

Input the amount you want to transfer with description or purpose of your transaction then press send button.

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Receive Your Payment

Create your own personalized QR code for friends to send you money without sharing any personal information. Simply scan and confirm!

You can also use your phone number as account to recieve money from your friends and family.

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Download Bakong Apps

Bakong App is availabled both on Adroid and IOS.

Download link for Google Play and App Store.

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Download KHQR Integrated Documentation

KHQR is a standardization of QR Code (EMV) that will promote wider use of mobile retail payments in Cambodia. By prescribing a KHQR (1 QR for all), a single KHQR Code can accept payments via different payment service operators (members of KHQR).

Integrate KHQR to your
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Easy and Fast Way to Register

How to deposit to your Bakong Account?

From now on, you can deposit to your Bakong account with Bakong member banks as below.

Our Speciality

We Bring Everything In One Place

The Next-Generation of payments systems benefits all participants in the payments ecosystem. Consumers, merchants, governments, and other types of enterprises, find it more convenient to make and accept payments.

Fully Secure Payment

Based on Blockchain technology to facilitate secure payment.

Most Convenient

Choose any banks within Bakong’s network to be your partner for cash-in.


We bring payment platforms to “understand” each other.

Way to success

Women in Tech – The Key of Success

Our Members

Our Members

Bakong is a peer-to-peer fund transfer service available to retail customer of local banks, financial institutions, and payment services providers in Cambodia.

vattanac bank
Vattanac Bank
+(855) 23 999 900
cambodiapost bank
Cambodia Post Bank
+(855) 23 260 888
acleda bank
Acleda Bank Plc.
+(855) 23 994 444
wing bank
Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc
+(855) 23 999 989
amk cambodia
AMK Microfinance Institution Plc
+(855) 23 220 202
prince bank
Prince Bank
ftb bank
Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia
+(855) 23 862 111
chipmongb ank
Chip Mong Commercial Bank Plc.
+(855) 81 811 911
+(855) 66 811 911
Phnom Penh Commercial Bank Plc
+(855) 23 909 909
Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia
+(855) 23 210 044
wb finance
Woori Bank Plc.
+(855) 23 963 333
true money
TrueMoney Cambodia
+(855) 23 999 639
Chief Bank
+(855) 23 900 878
LOLC (Cambodia) Plc.
+(855) 23 991 991
Hattha Bank
+(855) 23 999 266
+(855) 23 686 8868
Cambodian Public Bank
+(855) 23 428 ​100
+(855) 23 999 688
Maybank (Cambodia) Plc
+(855) 99 888 028
+(855) 23 901 338
SBI Lyhour Bank
+(855) 23 980 888
+(855) 23 888 879
Hong Leong Bank
+(855) 23 999 711
Oriental Bank
+(855) 23 932 288
Bank of China
+(855) 23 988 886
BongLoy Payments PLC
+(855) 81 999 618
Agricultural and Rural Development Bank
+(855) 17 939 781
+(855) 97 323 2345
Cathay United Bank
+(855) 23 211 211
+(855) 23 988 388
+(855) 23 955 880
Sacombank Cambodia
+(855) 23 223 423
Heng Feng (Cambodia) Bank PLC
+(855) 23 936 666
First Commercial Bank
+(855) 23 210 026
+(855) 23 210 027
J Trust Royal Bank
+(855) 23 999 000
Panda Commercial Bank Plc
+(855) 23 888 802
+(855) 18 282 8444
+(855) 23 968 686
Union Commercial Bank Plc.
+(855) 23 214 159

Frequently Asked Questions

Bakong System is a new service that enables you to easily receive and transfer funds, using your personalized QR code or mobile phone number instead of a bank account number. You can register Bakong System with National ID card/Passport and local valid phone number.

• To Individual- it is convenient, fast, and security. Bakong System is the new life style of payment mechanism that enable you to easily receive and transfer funds to your friend, family and business partner at anytime, anywhere in Cambodia.
• To Business- easily manage your sale through electronic payment platform. Bakong System allows businesses to experience the new way of doing business in the cashless environment. This is the way we pay in the next generation.

Bakong System provides a high level of security and is under the supervision of the National Bank of Cambodia, in line with other funds transfer systems.
· Bakong System Registration – You will need to provide proof of identity by providing your National ID card, account name and the mobile phone number you’ve already provided to the bank (you will be sent an OTP via SMS for verification). The National ID card and mobile phone number are only used for connecting.
· Funds Transfer via Bakong System – You can transfer funds using your personalized QR code or phone number instead of your bank account information.
· Security – Bakong is adopted the latest technology, Blockchain technology, known as the highly secure. Your information is stored in at the different node preventing the possibility of hacking.

You can download Bakong System application from Appstore or Playstore and follow the simple instruction of registration or visit one of Bakong System member banks/financial institutions of your preference or nearby you.

The conditions for Bakong System registration are as follows:
· One account can be registered with both a National ID and mobile phone number.
· Only one mobile phone number can be registered per account.
· Only individual accounts (savings/current accounts) in Khmer Riel and US Dollar can be used to register for Bakong System.
· Joint and Fixed Deposit accounts cannot be registered for Bakong System.
· If registering for Bakong System with your mobile phone number, you will receive an OTP via SMS for verification.
· National ID or mobile phone numbers can only be registered with another account, if the previous registration has already been cancelled.

Bakong is applicable for Mobile Phone and Tablet (Android and IOS), and Desktop application.

You can request a top up you balance from friend, family member, banks and other account by just scan your QR code or your mobile number.

Yes. You can make fund transfer or other banking transaction on the existing services or application as normal.

There is no limit to the number of daily funds transfers via Bakong System. The maximum amount per transaction and the total value of daily transactions are set by each bank. Please contact your partner banks for standard individual standard limit.

It does not necessary to have use another mobile banking, but existing mobile banking application will facilitate you in other banking and financial service transactions and deposit from Bakong System to your bank account.

You will need to cancel the account previously registered under Bakong System and if you wish to register with your new one, this can be done via our available service channels where you can request for balance transfer from the previous account to the new account. Please contact your partner bank for more information.

You can request for balance recovery at your partner bank that you register with. Please contact the bank staff for more information.

Get In Touch

Any Suggestions and Request

Email Address
Phone Number +855 23 230 681
Our Head Office National Bank of Cambodia
#60-70, St. Hanoi (1019), Bayab Village, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Sensok, Phnom Penh.

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